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Lyns Dream

In September 2005, God gave me 3 dreams that caused Bri and I to sell our home in Pembroke and move to Seascale.  Those dreams are as vivid now as they were then. In the first dream, I saw a young man called Mark Stevens, who was a member of my youth group back in Pembroke, playing his guitar and singing a song called ‘Shackles’. The second dream had teenagers with their heads bowed, dragging their chains through the streets of Seascale, and the voice of God saying ‘Who will tell them of a God that loves them and a Saviour that cares?’   Finally, I dreamt of a cafe with the ‘Shackles Off’ sign above it and the young people inside sitting around tables, chatting and my friend Heather serving behind the counter.

I had walked past this shop most days for over 2 years and during that time nothing much happened until November 2007 when the outside was painted and work continued inside: new heating, new kitchen, fresh paint etc.  This should have made me feel better but instead it made me feel worse.  

No-one had wanted the old tatty shop but I was sure now that it was being done up to live in and my heart sank. A friend from Pembroke told me not to worry because the shop was being done up for me !

On Friday 14th March 2008, a lady with whom I had shared my dreams, came to my door and said that she had been talking to the owner of the premises and had asked him what he intended to do with the shop.  He said he didn’t know and was open to suggestions.

The next day on my way back from the church I saw a man in the shop.  I knocked on the door and asked if I could have 5 minutes of his time to tell him a story.  He, Toby, listened and just shook his head.  He said he had better show me round.  There was a large back room, a toilet, cellars, a utility room and a large space (2 rooms knocked into one) with new kitchen counter and lots of space with bay and side windows overlooking the beach car park.    The ground floor was self contained with all its own utilities.  He said he didn’t believe in God but if someone had moved house because of his shop, he would take me seriously.   He had planned to go into Whitehaven that afternoon to put it in the hands of Estate Agents to be rented out, but he would now wait till we could give him some more details.  

Now I was really panicking – – – – – !

On Sunday 6th April I phoned Toby. He said if I was still interested he would want £350 a month for rent plus all other bills.  I said O.K. !!!  He asked how I would raise the money and if I would sell food and drink on the premises.  I said no we would GIVE IT AWAY and we would find 100 people to give £1 a week for a year to pay the rent and insurance.  He just laughed and said I was a strange person.  He asked me to send him a rough business plan, and he would continue to finish the work and we would talk further.

So, friends, I continue to look for 100 people who believe in this vision, whose hearts are touched by God and so will pledge a £1 a week for a year.  

There is nowhere for the teenagers to go in Seascale.  I want to provide a safe, loving environment for them, where the power of God’s love is felt by all.

I know God can do this, that nothing is impossible for Him and even though my faith is so small, I know it can move mountains (and there will be many that need moving). These teenagers need to know – There is a God that loves them and a Saviour that cares.

Will you join us in making this dream a reality?

Please remember us in your prayers. The door is open and we need to move forward.

Much love and Blessings,